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While looking around, I found an online course offered in Gregg Shorthand: .

From the description, they’re teaching Simplified (though the “Recommended Books” section lists a Centennial book... but the Syllabus has the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified in its “Course Materials” section).

Costs are $45 for the course if you don’t need a certificate, $70 if you do.

Apparently, it’s a self-paced course (you have six months to get through it) with a real instructor.

I’ve got no experience with distance education, much less this particular provider, so I have no idea how useful (or legit) it is, but I thought I’d share it with the group—in case someone wants something a little more structured than being completely self-taught.

(And if anyone has heard of, whether good or bad, please let me know as well.)

(by Philip for group greggshorthand)

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