US vs UK editions of Gregg

In order get a bit more reading practice in Simplified Gregg, I ordered a number of manuals which are slowly trickling in (postage from the US to Germany takes quite a while).

Among other things, I had ordered both a 1st edition and a 2nd edition of the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, since I had read that about 50% of the texts are different, so it would be useful for reading practice to have both.

The 2nd edition one came fairly quickly (it was in stock at and the 1st edition one came today, from England.

I was surprised to read in the preface that it was a UK edition! I didn't know they made special UK editions of the manuals.

A brief look through showed some differences, such as the number practises had pound values instead of dollar values, and the “principal cities” had some UK ones instead of US ones, and I think there's an extra section on city name endings (I remembered the -ington one from my skim through the 2nd edition manual but not the one before about -chester, -port, and a couple of others).

In the section about punctuation, though, it talked about a “period” instead of a “full stop” :)

I haven't read it carefully enough to see whether it uses UK spelling of things such as “favour” or “theatre”.

Is anyone else aware of other US/UK differences in Gregg manuals? Does this only affect Simplified or also other versions? Is it just the main manual?

(by Philip for group greggshorthand)

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