a ton of questions

plus or minus few kilos. That is how many qus i have in my head regarding shorthand.

Hello, my name is Sasha and I am rather new to the world of shorthand. I like to read a lot and would like to remember a lot, therefore I have to note down things that I want to remember. But normal writing slows me down and so here I am.
A good soul from this forum has posted a books on Callendar's Orthic so I decided to start with it since it seems easy to learn and relies on common spelling for writing I assumed that it will boost my note taking down a bit.
But, alas, my mind started taking pleasure in all this squiggly, enchanting symbols and just craves for more and more input. Following my mind's diction I raided the net only to find more questions like this:
Henry Sweet was planning some changes to his Current shorthand (I read it somewhere on the net). Does anyone knows what changes he wanted to make? Or could you make a wild guess what he would like to change in his system?
Is Melin's shorthand a light-line system?
Are you familiar with some other light-line cursive shorthand systems that I could put my mind on?
On one bulgarian steno forum I found a mention about Oliver's Stenoscript and link to a book but, alas, link is dead. I would so like to see how that Stenoscript looks like but there's not a single trace of it on the net.

Finally, when I am learning to write shorthand should I be exaggerating size of symbols until I get familiar with proportions?

yours, Sasha

(by sasa for group greggshorthand)

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