anniversary's "left s" in consult vs. Simplified's "right s"

In a recent thread somebody explained that the "left s" was used in the anniversary BF of "cause, because" in order to indicate the dropped "o", as well as distinguishing it from "consider."  Is the principle explained anywhere or just assumed? 

We see this principle again in the word "consult" written with a "left s" whereas GS reverts back to the "right s".  We know from the Anniversary manual paragraph 49 that the "left s" is used after "n" and several other letters but after a "k" it is to be a "right s." So the "left s" in consult seems to be a way of indicating the "n." Is this just one of those rules according to Leslie that was annoying because it wasn't taught ( as in the omission of the h dot in had, has, him and her) or am i missing it in the AE manual?

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)