Any chance of having OCR for Gregg Shorthand?

I know there have been posts on technology but i am wondering if having OCR for Gregg is possible.  It would seem easier in some ways than regular handwriting because the penmanship for shorthand is more strict.  Obviously there isn't a huge demand for this but i am curios if those of you who are technically minded could chime in on the possibility of creating this technology.

The reason i ask is i spoke with a court reporter who said that though in that particular state pen shorthand is certainly allowed it might not be as desirable due to the real time nature of the modern steno systems.  That got me thinking about how cool if a court reporter were using a digital pen and if there was this technology able to turn the shorthand into type in almost real time.   WIth either system there still be editing needed.

Just curious,

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)

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