Special Forms Question

I am reading an excerpt from the book "Gregg Reporting Shortcuts" and Zoubek finishes his introduction with the tops of how to learn shortcuts.  The main thing he urges is to stick to outlines that the writer will use.

I realize that the special forms are different than reporting shortcuts, but it seems that the way the Anniversary Manual places the special forms at the end encourages them to be learned at a less urgent pace than the BFs.  This might be my one complaint about the FM manual.  Overall i love it and would not recommend beginning to learn Anniversary Gregg any other way.  But right when you get to the end of BFs around lesson 36 you start up with these special forms.  They appear all over that assignment and then you don't see them much anymore.  Would you all recommend learning them all anyway? Or focusing on the ones that seem more important?

How have you all gone about memorizing these words and other important vocabulary and principles?

(by Ryan for group greggshorthand)