Transcribing Speed Practice, November 1954

Transcribing Speed Practice from the November 1954 issue of Today’s Secretary. 521 words.
The material below is the same as the C.T. [Competent Typist] Test across the page, and it is provided so that you can test and compare your speeds of typing from print and from shorthand. Compute your rate on this word-counted material in the same way you do when typing the C.T.
Also as an OCR’d Word document of the typed text, and this time also as an OCR’d PDF document. The difference between the two PDFs being that one is simply a scanned image and the other is text, which should allow you to copy bits out if you need that.
Are these OCR’d documents useful? If so, which format is better?
Attachment: transcribing-practice.pdf
Attachment: transcribing-practice.doc
Attachment: transcribing-practice-ocr.pdf

(by Philip for group greggshorthand)

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