Transcribing Speed Practice, September 1954

Transcribing Speed Practice from the September 1954 issue of Today’s Secretary. 504 words.

The material below is the same as the C.T. [Competent Typist] Test across the page, and it is provided so that you can test and compare your speeds of typing from print and from shorthand. Compute your rate on this word-counted material in the same way you do when typing the C.T.

Page 44 is the typed material (Competent Typist Test); page 45 is the transcribing practice, which can also be used as reading material.

I’ve also included an OCR’ed version of the Competent Typist Test.
Attachment: 44.pdf
Attachment: 44.doc
Attachment: 45.pdf
Attachment: typing-transcribing-test-sept-54.pdf

(by Philip for group greggshorthand)

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