Weird Multiply Behavior

I'm having a problem that started today with the viewing of blog entries. I reported it to Multiply, but I wanted to verify if anyone else has the same issue.

If I'm in the Inbox, and a new message comes in, you have the option of "popping" out the message (hitting the Pop link on the right side pane in the panorama view. This should bring the message in full screen in your browser with all menus, titles, left rail, and overall theme of the site, and if you were the person who originated the post, you should see a bottom bar listing all who have read your message. Starting today, when I pop out the message, the text of the message (and the replies) come out but stripped of the group themes, the left rail bar, the menu, and even the group name. It is as if you were reading the message in mobile mode. It is really odd. You can also test this by going to the full site, and clicking on any blog entry. If I do that, just a plain window with the message comes out: no menus, no nothing. Incidentally, it only happens with blog entries (those that have the pen and pencil icon). Other forms of entry, such as links, notes (those with the red cloud quote icon), etc., are not affected at all. (Incidentally, you can also see attachments from this stripped view). It happens with all browsers, and different platforms (tablet vs PC), so it is either a group issue or an issue related to my ID.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm trying to isolate the issue and see how it can be solved (other than telling everyone to write Notes instead of Blog Entries!).

Thanks for your help.

I'm including a picture of how I see messages now.
Attachment: stripped-blog-view.jpg