Another Gregg Newbie

Thank you (ye unknown administrator) for approving my membership. :)

I just stumbled onto Shorthand about a week and a half ago, and it was like finding buried treasure that no one else knows about...

Of course I've heard the term "shorthand" before, but I never saw a writing sample and always pictured it as being abbreviations using the English alphabet (which apparently speedwriting is, but that's a different horse). Naturally I was completely wrong, and have only my ignorance to blame for not checking this out sooner!

The question became which Shorthand? Gregg, Pitman and Teeline seemed to be the frontrunners... but it wasn't difficult to come to Gregg. Pitman required shading which isn't natural at all to me, and Teeline resembled letters too much for my taste. I wanted something that I could write relatively fast with *and* that others I know wouldn't be able to easily read (and no one I know understands Shorthand, of any flavor).

And so Gregg it was. I started learning Gregg Anniversary with the freely available materials on angelfishy, but then I began wondering if that was the version/edition I wanted to start with. I studied a lot of online materials, including the two sites linked to from this blogspace as well as many of the entries here. In the end I decided that Gregg Simplified was the perfect form, and so I ordered the 2nd Ed Simplified Manual (which should be here tomorrow or the next day)... and now I wait.

I was really glad to find a group dedicated to Gregg Shorthand, because I plan on taking this through to mastery and will very much appreciate any help along the way. It's surprising there aren't more members to this site, or more people interested in this beautiful form of writing.

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