French Shorthand Resources?

Hi everyone,

I've been working on the 1939 adaptation of Gregg Shorthand to French for about a month now, for use in school (I'm in Grade 9). I've had moderate success: I can NEVER read the Reading Exercises, but I can always read back my own notes (no doubt it's 90% memory though). I understand most of the concepts, but my writing is still quite choppy and ugly. 

The big thing that's making it difficult to use in class is speed. I dunno whether I should be concerned right now, as I'm not finished theory yet, but even so, I don't know where to find French shorthand resources on the internet for free (I would never be allowed to pay for anything on the Internet), and I live in an English speaking area, so nothing behind brick and mortar.

So do any of you know where I might find dictation material in French online? It might not be the right place, this being an English forum, but French is not really my first language, so I find it easier to use the internet in English.

Thanks in advance for any help,

P.S. Sorry if I'm not posting properly or this is not going to the right section. This is my first post.

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