Letters From A Self-Made Merchant To His Son - Anniversary Edition - Printed in Gregg Shorthand

This is the third version of Letters From a Self Made Merchant To His Son in Gregg Shorthand. This book was published in 1933 with shorthand plates by Winifred Kenna Richmond. It matches the 1929 Anniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.

The first Gregg Shorthand version of Letters From a Self Made Merchant To His Son was published in 1903 and matches the 1902 PreAnniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.

The second Gregg Shorthand version was published in 1918 and matches the 1916 PreAnniversary Gregg Shorthand Manual.

This 1933 book entered the public domain as soon as it was first published. There is no copyright notice in the book. Any book first published in the US before January 1, 1978, without a proper copyright notice immediately went into the public domain at the time of publication. There are also no copyright notices in any of the other individual Gregg Shorthand novel versions of existing works, such as Alice in Wonderland, Rip Van Winkle, the Great Stone Face, etc. All copyrights belonged to the original material. Back then, the US Copyright Office did not allow Gregg to copyright shorthand novels based on existing literary works.

For a PDF version that has higher resolution, download the PDF from the Internet Archives:

Attachment: LettersFromSelfMadeMerchToSon_Ann1929_Pub1933x.pdf

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