Speed Differences Between Languages?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how fast I can expect to get to in French Gregg shorthand? I've seen something on Spanish Gregg somewhere, saying that one can only hope to attain a fraction of English speed. The record in English is around 280, but I can't imagine anyone getting to 280 in French. For example, in English, a common word like 'the' is a little curve, but in French it's an l or l-a which takes almost twice as long. The same goes for of. Instead of a little hook, you get a huge d.

Also, the average word in French is slightly longer than in English (in terms of letters), so if French is slightly slower in terms of words, it could just be because the words are longer and not because of the system.

So what I'm really asking is whether Gregg in its translations ever got to the speeds a native system could attain. What do you guys think? Is there anyone else learning Senecal's French Gregg?

By the way, hanging around here has finally convinced me to make the switch from Teeline to Gregg in English!!! I really want to read all the selections, and Gregg is just about 5.68 times awesomer than Teeline, in any case, so I shall be working through the Anni manual for the next couple of months (trying to go slow!) I managed to read one of the Flash Reading selections, it was much easier than reading French, so maybe I can't read French Gregg just because of my language barrier.

The Etudes de Vitesse are really good, am also working through them (they are higher on my priority list than English Gregg).


(by Sirius for group greggshorthand)

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