Stenographie Gregg Blog!

Hi everyone,

I've created a blog with texts written in French Gregg (with the keys). Check it out here: ( As you can probably see by the questionable penmanship, it's certainly a work in progress and probably not very useful to anyone right now, but I'm using the blog to personally track my progress. One day, when I improve, I hope that this blog can be a useful source for people learning French Gregg.

Feel free to critique my work. I could see (even as I wrote) that my proportions were quite wrong (especially with a and e) but I kept it as a benchmark (looking back might be fun in a year or so!). Another thing bothering me are my s's and f's. I also haven't really studied through the phrases in the book, and I was reluctant to make my own, so I pretty much wrote all the words out individually. If you have any tips on these or other problems, they would be appreciated!


(by Sirius for group greggshorthand)

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