French Gregg

I just found a sweet little volume, “Sténographie Gregg”,  1924, by Ernest W. Farmer M.D. (!), published by Gregg but printed in Norwood, Massachusetts.  It came with the “Clef de la Sténographie Gregg", a single sheet of “errata”, and a form from Marywood College in Scranton, PA listing those who were absent on April 20, 1936 from the Commercial Law course, signed by Sister M. St. Agnes.  Eight young women had something better to do that day . . . It has great sentences, like “Elle est malade, elle crie” and “J’espère que les oeufs sont frais.”  The book is pretty much in perfect shape.

Does anyone know who Dr. Farmer was, and how he would be authoring a shorthand book in French?  There are so many little mysteries in the world . . .
(by Lee for group greggshorthand)

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