-Ing dot connections

Hi everyone,

I'm partway through the Anni manual (Unit 18) but had something on my mind. It was established earlier that in certain cases you can add stuff to an ing dot (like s for -ings or e for -ingly). Does this work for anything? For example, can you write "Huffington" with a tn disjoined in an -ing dot position or do you have to use the slanted n? Also, if -ing can connect to stuff in a word, can it do so in a phrase? Sorry if this was already covered where I'm at or shortly afterwards. I finished the French manual and there is nothing like this (-ant usually doesn't connect to other things!). 

Haven't got to much Gregging lately... besides today and yesterday. It's track season at school (400m is the best!) and I usually do Gregg at lunchtimes. I have Gregger's block too and my blog is on a hiatus (for now).

See ya!

(by Sirius for group greggshorthand)