Did not?

Hi everyone,

Although I have been actively using Gregg in school for my notes, I admit to not having done formal practice in a few weeks. This has had a profound effect on my speed and penmanship, which are deteriorating quite rapidly. So a couple days ago I thought it would be a good time to restart completely from scratch. Going through the manual again makes me realise how much I actually know - and how much I've forgotten (I've been writing completely incorrect outlines for 6 weeks now!).

Anyway, I'm at around Unit 12 of the Anniversary manual and I saw the outline for 'did not' as did-e-n. If did=did and n=not, then shouldn't 'did not' be did-n? Reading the 'Don't?' post, you guys said that there are two different outlines for 'do not' and 'don't'. Is this a similar case? But if that is true, then wouldn't did-e-n be didn't?

Nevertheless, really enjoying a Saturday morning doing Gregg and drinking some Earl Grey (overly sweetened in my case!).

Your little internet friend,

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