Gregg Shorthand Tattoo

(by northfield for group greggshorthand)
I became interested in Gregg Shorthand over a year ago and set out to teach myself. I enjoyed it, but soon went off to graduate school and have had to put self-study on hold for a few years.

I've always wanted a tattoo of one of my favorite quotes by Emile Zola ("L'artiste n'est rien sans le don mais le don n'est rien sans travail.") which translates to:
"The artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without the work".

It's a bit long for a text tattoo, but I had the brilliant idea of having it written in Greg Shorthand.

I was wondering if any experts here on the forum would be so kind as to "translate" (is that the correct terminology?) the English translation of the quote into Gregg Shorthand? I've been curious about what it might look like for a long while and I am not skilled enough yet to compose or write it myself.

Much thanks and appreciation!