Usage of word families in Gregg Simplified

On lesson 39 in the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified (2nd Ed), section 363, the book describes how you can abbreviate by leaving off word endings, such as omitting "oo d" at the end of attitude or "a t" at the end of duplicate. Examples are given for words ending in -use, -titude, -cate, and -gate.

How does this differ from a formal abbreviation of word endings? From the description, it appears that this rule is intended to be used at the discretion of the writer, which leaves me confused as to how often and which words to use it on. Is it one of those things you just get a feel for? Is it something that gets used regularly?

I guess it surprised me because so much of Gregg Simplified seems very formal and specific. I did have a lot of issues with the omission of minor vowels for awhile because it seems so arbitrary, but I do seem to be getting a handle on that.

(by Erik for group greggshorthand)

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