Up to date phrases

Didn't you ever notice how out dated some of the phrases are in Gregg shorthand readings or fundamental drills? Don't get me wrong; I respect Gregg shorthand as an ingenious system.
However, why would I have to learn how to recognize, read, and write the phrase "Let me hear from you" when I'm never going to copy down a business letter? I'm sure it was very useful then, but I doubt it is for now.

These are the reasons why I propose the following:

We share our own phrases which upon frequent encounters we saw the need to develop a shorthand phrases for them. We can compile up-to-date phrases to show that Gregg shorthand is still very applicable today.

For guidelines on phrases and to check whether a phrase exists already I recommend referring to:
http://gregg.angelfishy.net/phrasebook.pdf (Anniv) *for other versions refer to Andrew Owen's site.

For notations to describe how to write the phrase I recommend referring to:
(It's the reverse dictionary for mainly Anniv)

Note: I know there may be other parts of the Gregg systems which we see few flaws and want to improve on but let's strictly confine this post to PHRASES ONLY. Thank you!

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