Gregg Reporting Shortcuts

Today the mail carrier brought the first to arrive of a list of books I ordered during my mini-book-buying-binge last week.

Today's book is Gregg Reporting Shortcuts. (Total price = $6.) I wasn't sure I needed this, but now I am quite elated. I was reading last night in one of the first editions of Gregg, that the book on the Reporting Style was considered a necessary follow-up to the first book of elements. For one thing, it looks like lots of cool vocabulary and phrases categorized by word or topic. It seems that the previous owner took this subject seriously enough to write many of his own versions of quite a few of the outlines. (He must have been born around 1910, I'm thinking.)

The book is dated 1922, but according to the way I understand the publishing info, it was actually printed in 1931, so I'm not sure if it is revised to comply with Anniversary edition, or if that is even applicable here. The preface is written by John Gregg, but it seems that some people have referred to a book of the same title with the preface written by Zoubek or Leslie.

The publishing info is E-78-PP-3. I take this to mean that the book was published in May of 1931, and that 3,000 copies were printed. I don't know which location the PP indicates, however. And under this info a "Ch" is typed. Does anyone know what that means?

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