Need Help Searching For Book...

Ugh... Ok, getting a little frustrated. I got approval (LOL) from my other half that I can buy a copy of the Gregg Simplified Functional (2nd Edition) manual...

But, man it's almost impossible to know if you're looking at the correct book while searching through all these site like AbeBooks, eBay, Amazon, etc. etc... All these sellers seem to just post generic info about the book so I'm hesitant to buy one because I don't want to get the wrong one and then have to pay to ship it back (would probably end up costing more than the book itself). And of course there usually isn't any photograph of the book. Per that document that was recently posted here with pictures of all the book covers, the Functional Method Second Edition has a green cover not a brown one (that's the non-functional one).

If anyone here has a spare minute who thinks they may be able to find a seller who is selling the Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified Functional Method Second Edition I would greatly be in your debt :-)

Thank you in advanced if anyone can assist.


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