The Story of Gregg Shorthand--1913

Gregg, John Robert. The story of Gregg shorthand :as told by John Robert Gregg at the Silver Jubilee Convention of the Gregg Shorthand Association, Chicago, August, 1913. New York : Gregg Publishing Co., [1913].

I just ran across this gem today, and I don't see it among any of the shared documents. Is it available anywhere else? I ran OCR on it with Adobe Acrobat, but I don't know much about which are the best settings to choose. I put the original link in a comment on page 2. It came from a Harvard Library and you can either download 10 pages at a time (it's only 32-pages), or else they email you a link to the whole thing.

Attachment: the-story-of-gregg-shorthand.pdf

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