A more Standard AGS

As I re-reach the halfway point in coding Gregg.Convert(ex-Greggory) (I had to start over in C#), I realized that I needed to have a permanent reference implementation for AGS set before I actually move on to doing the layout stuff. So I created a little so-called "standard" document I call SS 1:2012, detailing all the mappings between shorthand strokes and AGS characters.

The problem now is that I need to check with you guys. I've published the document already, and I want you  to review it for me to see if there's anything missing, or if there's something you're not uncomfortable with, etc... I noticed there were some disagreements with some strokes, e.g. sh, tive, capital dashes. Just comment on any changes I need to make.

When the standard is finished, it will go on EVERYTHING Gregg-related, so I have to get this finalized before I begin coding again.

Thanks ~Chance

And the link: SS 1:2012

UPDATE: I just got my blog back!! An x10Hosting forumer (probably an admin) just restored my database a few hours ago, and now I'm back on. The original content is still there from 3-4 months ago, unchanged.