Direct Practice Units for Beginning Gregg Shorthand

This is a "Direct-Method" workbook designed to accompany the first 30 units of the Anniversary Manual.

The workbook pages were unnumbered and presented in a "continuous" steno format, so that you read from the top page down to the bottom page. I laid it out with the top page verso and the bottom recto. Writing lessons begin at Unit 6, and Units 6 - 10 also feature an "initial writing sheet" to suggest how the writing assignment should be approached.

The Teacher's Manual and Key is included, although the key is redundant--the text includes its own key. (I assume this was done so the instructor would have the option of easily using the material for dictation.) The Teacher's Manual section is interesting in its own right though, explaining the differences between the "Manual Method" and the "Direct Method," and the respective strengths and weaknesses of each.

Essentially, this text is designed to supplement the Manual using Direct Method principles, thus bringing the benefit of both approaches to the pupil's study with a goal of mastering 600 common words.

Two of the authors went on to publish a more extensive text entitled Gregg Shorthand: Direct-Approach Method, a 440-page book which also includes its own key. Although not as rare as Direct Practice Units, it tends to be somewhat costly when available. (Amazon has a few used copies in the $50 range.)

It's very much to Dr. Gregg's credit that he encouraged diverse approaches to the teaching of his system. His open-mindedness, allowing educators to run with their ideas, resulted in a wealth of additional, highly useful materials.

Attachment: 1936 - Direct Practice Units with Manual.pdf

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