Pattern? Disjoined prefixes are above, disjoined suffixes are below

I'm doing a birds-eye view of Simplified, at least the parts I've done so far. It's a good review, and will help me decipher unknown words.

So far, all the disjoined prefixes are above the words, and the disjoined suffixes are below. (At least they start below. "thousand dollars" travels upwards.) I haven't seen any prefixes written lower or on the same line, nor any suffixes written above or on the same line.

Is it safe to say that's a rule, or at least the default, so I don't have to write it all the time? That way, I can pay attention to the few exceptions.

Or should I write it in all the time?

Thanks in advance (and thanks to whoever posted the birds-eye view for Anni).


PS It's a good exercise, so I don't intend to post my result.

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