Vocabulary Building Lessons in Gregg Shorthand

This is a self-published workbook for vocabulary with dictation material from 1942 by Mary H. Inglis of Queens College in Charlotte, N.C. The vocabulary is drawn primarily from 5,000 Most-Used Shorthand Forms, like which the chapters and units are all keyed to the Anniversary Manual.

The pages were all single-sided, which explains why the page numbers are all in the upper right. Just as well though, since the copies tended to bleed through.

This one barely made it here. ILL requests came up empty until a copy was finally sent with the restriction of being used in-library only--but with instructions to allow the patron to make free photocopies. So this PDF is a copy of a copy, and considering it was produced on an old typewriter anyway the quality is not the greatest.

Indeed, the work involved in making it minimally acceptable for presentation was rather tedious. The layout was especially tricky because the original pages are not consistent in their overall placement, being of all different widths and heights. Usually page numbers and such provide a steady reference point; in this case there was no reference point at all.

As just one example page 74 is so long vertically that the bottom line was actually cut off in the original. There was just enough left to make out the words, and I had to cut-n-paste the whole line in. But such is often the case with these wonderful home-grown projects, like the McCann Method posted here a couple years ago: http://greggshorthand.blogspot.com/2010/08/intensive-gregg-shorthand-by-mccann.html

I think it was well worth the effort though--which was still far less than the author put into it. What a remarkable effort by a dedicated teacher! The workbook looks like it will prove very useful, sort of like a second-level Progressive Exercises. :-)

Attachment: 1942 - Vocabulary Building Lessons.pdf

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