30 September 2012

Greggory Links

Because my web hosting has not been able to restore service to my website (and apparently everyone else's; not that it's their fault...

24 September 2012


I hate change! Carlos, how do I get my posts to come out under ShorthandMarc? 

18 September 2012

17 September 2012

Welcome to Our New Home!

If you are able to read this post, congratulations, you've made it! Below is the post from Multiply regarding the change. As you wel...

12 September 2012

Rules Reference For Simplified

This is a reference I created while working my way through the Gregg Manual Simplified 2nd Edition (I'm still on lesson 54 but I've ...

01 September 2012


This short article about radioactivity appeared in the October 1929 issue of The Gregg Writer, and was written in Anniversary. Attachment:...

Jury Charge Selection - 1925 Contest

This jury charge selection was used in the 1925 National Shorthand Reporter's Association Contest and dictated then at 240 wpm. It was r...

Stevenson's Code

A short selection written in Anniversary, attributed to Robert Louis Stevenson, that appeared in the December 1929 issue of The Gregg Writer...

Drills on Chapters of Anniversary Manual

This is a set of practice material correlated with the chapters of the Anniversary Manual. These articles were serialized in the September t...

Penmanship Practice - September 2012

Penmanship Practice - September 2012 From the October 1929 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click on the image for a full view. Attachment: oga-oct29.gif