Copyright Status

Hi everyone!

OK, this question is more directed at Carlos, but I couldn't figure out how to send a PM on the new system, so here goes:

I ran a little shorthand blog for French Gregg earlier last year (I warn you before you click the link, the shorthand is rather horrendous and I haven't been updating the blog!), and people have been asking me to help them learn French Gregg. I have definitely no place teaching someone shorthand(!), and I would just like to give them a copy of R.J. Senecal's 1939 Gregg manual, (which Carlos kindly sent me a copy of), but it is apparently still under copyright and plus, it was Carlos' work - I think.

So I guess I'm asking what the legal consequences of privately sharing a file such as this are, and whether Carlos, who is the author of the file I received, is fine with me privately giving people (only one guy so far) a copy of the pdf.