Do These Gregg PDF Novels Work on iPad and Other Tablets

Public Domain Gregg Novels and Manuals on the Internet Archives

The above link goes to 38 PDF public domain Gregg novels, manuals, and English keys in the Internet Archives.   All of these PDF files work perfectly on a Kindle Fire.  I would like feedback from others in the group who have iPads or other tablets to determine whether they work on those devices.

Here are more details:
All of these items are in the public domain in the U.S. for one of the following reasons:
--They were first published before 1923
--There was no valid copyright notice on the copyright page
--The copyright was not renewed

Items include:
--Gregg Shorthand Manuals from 1888 through 1916
--Pre-Anniversary Gregg Novels
--Anniversary Gregg Novels
--English keys for some of these novels
--A document that explains how to determine the print month/year of Gregg books

Many of these items were scanned in high definition and in color.  They are all compatible on a Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD.   Each of these PDF files has only one book page per PDF page.  There are no double page items.  None of the scans are faint or hard to read.

Not included are a few pre-Anniversary Gregg Novels that were scanned by university or public libraries.  Most of the library scans of Gregg Novels on the Internet Archives were scanned using a method that renders them as garbage and unusable on a Kindle Fire.

Please download these documents to iPads and other tablets and post whether they work on those devices.

Thanks in advance.