Gregg Simplified, Gregg Simplified Functional Method and Gregg Simplified for Colleges - which to start with?

Hi.  My name is Susan.  I am retired and currently living in central North Carolina, but spent most of my life in New England.   I have always wanted to learn Gregg Shorthand and now that I am retired and have the time, I'm anxious to get started.

Thanks to this blog, I have learned a lot about the various versions of Gregg Shorthand.   I "think" I have settled on learning Simplified (although... Anniversary is calling to me also :-)  )

I have purchased used books on Amazon including Anniversary and the 3 variations of Simplified:  the Simplified text that McGraw Hill is currently selling,  the 1st edition of Simplified: Functional Method (the light blue cover)(I had already ordered before I realized that there was a 2nd edition),  and the 2nd edition (both volumes) of Simplified for Colleges.

From what I have read here, it appears that Simplified starts with learning the alphabet and writing right away whereas Functional starts with reading and only starts with writing well into the book.   My guess is that the 2 College Simplified volumes follow the same path as Simplified.

I have not yet received the books.  I expect them later this week or early next week.

What are the pros and cons of Simplified vs Simplified Functional?    And would the Simplified College volumes be better than Simplified because they contain more general and less business oriented material?

Is the Simplified in the 1st edition of Simplified: Functional very different from the 2nd editions of Simplified in the College volumes?

Is there any merit to doing all 3 simultaneously?   i.e. Do Lesson 1 in each of the 3 books... then Lesson 2 in each book?

I'm glad that found this blog.  It is a wealth of information.  And fascinating reading...

I await your opinions.....

One last thing..... would I be better off starting with Anniversary and forgetting Simplified altogether?  Pros and cons?

I know that once I receive the books it will be easier to choose, but I'm anxious to get going and hope to decide on a good starting point.   Anniversary or Simplified?   If Simplified - standard Simplified, Simplified Functional or Simplified College ?

At my age, I have a limited time frame so I would like to choose my path wisely.   Obviously, I will only be using Gregg shorthand for personal use, but I do want to learn a "proper" version of Gregg Shorthand.  Only Anniversary and Simplified appeal to me.... I'm just wavering between the two and hope that you can help me decide.

Thank you !!!

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