Starting Simplified - Functional Method today

Today is the day !!!

I am starting Simplified - Functional Method today.

I now own:

Simplified Functional - 2nd edition
Simplified Functional - 1st edition
Most Used Words and Phrases - Simplified

as well as several other Simplified books that will come later (College - Volumes 1 and 2 - 2nd edition, the Wallace Bowman book, Speed Building for Colleges Simplified, etc.)

My plan (based on something Paul posted earlier) is to do Chapter 1 - Assignment 1 in the Functional 2nd edition, then Chapter 1 - Assignment 1 in the Functional 1st edition, then Lesson 1 in Most Used Words and Phrases.

That will give me lots of reading practice, and will show me the writing of both Zoubek and Rader, and a slightly different presentation of theory between the 1st and 2nd editions.   They are almost identical, but there are slight differences in presentation that I think will reinforce my learning.

Thoughts?   Advice?  Comments?

Here I go...... :-)

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