Which Simplified books have answer keys? How would one learn without them?

I have received 4 of my Simplified books:

Simplified (1955) currently sold by McGraw Hill
Simplifed College Vol 1 - 2nd edition
Simplified College Vol 2 - 2nd edition
Simplified Functional Method - 1st edition

The only book that has an answer key is Functional Method.

How would one learn from the other books if one is learning without a teacher?   Are Teacher's Manuals readily available?  Do the Teacher's Manuals have all of the answer keys in them?  Would one have to find a Teacher's Manual that matches the edition of the book (i.e. 1st or 2nd edition) because the reading material is different in the different editions?

How about all of the other Simplified books:  Graded Drills, Speed Building, etc.   Do they contain answer keys?  Or are the answers only in a Teacher's Manual somewhere?

I have houseguests at the moment, so I haven't had time to do an extensive search for Teacher's Manuals yet.

If there are no answer keys available for Simplified or Simplified College, then it would seem that my decision is made for me - it will have to be Functional Method.

Help........ :-)



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