Anniv Functional Method Part One needs a good home :-)

I ordered Functional Method Dictation from a used bookseller at and she sent me a copy of Anniversary Functional Method Part One instead.  After no reply from the seller as to the problem/mix-up, Amazon refunded my money and no one has requested that I return the book.  It has been 2 weeks, so I think it is safe to say that I can keep it.

But.... I already own Functional Method Parts One and Two so I don't need this extra copy.

If someone would like it, send me your mailing address in an email to and I'll mail it to you for free.

I would prefer that it go to someone who doesn't have a lot of money to buy these books.... but I will send it to the 1st person who emails me.

I have since ordered and received Functional Method Dictation from an eBay seller, so all is well :-)