Confusion... but I know it will get better

I am amazed and slightly chagrined.... that brief forms and phrasing are introduced so early.   I'm just starting Chapter II of the Anni Functional Method.

I am struggling with whether I am looking at a letter of the alphabet or a brief form ... and.. also.. whether I am looking at an outline of one word or an outline of a phrase.

I know that all of this will sort itself out... in time.. and with lots of reading.... but I am slightly surprised that more time is not spent on just the alphabet and "one outline = one word" practice before introducing brief forms and.... more particularly.... phrasing.

Just some random thoughts from a rank beginner.....

On the other hand, I am absolutely loving this and continue to be impressed by the genius of the system.

One other item:

I have printed the Anni Brief Forms list from Andrew Owen's excellent website.   Thank you to Andrew for all of the great information/files that he provides !!!

I just tried to print the "Synopsis of Gregg Shorthand" from Andrew's site and it is not printing properly.... I only get part of the document.. not the whole thing...   Any ideas?   I know that this Synopsis is in one of my books, but it would be easier to have it in printed form on pages that I can put in my 3-ring binder......

I did a search here but did not see the Synopsis.   Is it available elsewhere as a pdf file?  

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