Which Anniversary books are worth looking for?

Having become a bit of a GS Anniversary used book addict :-), I keep looking on eBay and at the used books at Amazon, Abebooks, alibris, etc.

I have already purchased:

Anniversary - Functional Method Part 1
Anniversary - Functional Method Part 2
Gregg Shorthand - Anniversary Edition (for reference)
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary
5,000 Most Used Shorthand Forms
Fundamental Drills in Gregg Shorthand for Reading, Writing and Transcription
    with the key printed from a pdf file on this site.
Gregg Speed Studies - 3rd edition
Graded Readings in Gregg Shorthand (1930) by Alice Hunter
Progressive  Exercises with Key (1929) that was one of the pdf files I found here.
Functional Method Dictation
Shorthand Dictation Studies by Wallace Bowman

From Carlos' very useful pdf file showing the covers of all the GS books - categorized by "system" - the following are the other Anniversary books.

Are any of these worth purchasing/looking for?

Which would be the most useful and/or most interesting?

Which are redundant to the ones I already own?  Or redundant to each other ? (i.e. all of the Speed Building books on the list)

Some seem to be readily available... others I have yet to see for sale.

Gregg Shorthand Phrase Book
Word and Sentence Drills in Gregg Shorthand
Brief Form Drills
Dictation for Beginners
Rational Dictation Studies - 1943
Gregg Dictation and Transcription
Transcription Drills
Graphic Transcription
Gregg Speed Building
Gregg Speed Building - New and Revised Edition
Gregg Speed Building One Year Course - 1940
Gregg Speed Building College Course - 1942
Gregg Speed Building for Colleges (Revised Edition)
Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand
Expert Shorthand Speed Course
Gregg Reporting Course

I won't live long enough to use all of these, but it's fun to be on the prowl to find them.

Which would be the top 3 or 4 or 5 to buy? 

The one that "calls" to me at the moment is Gregg Shorthand Phrase Book.  But I shall await your advice/opinions.

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