Hi, I'm a newbie!

Hi, folks!

I am just getting started here and re-starting my study of Gregg Simplified. My motivation is my own enjoyment but I may have been given a nudge by Dracula, the novel if not the Big Guy, himself.

With Hallowe'en approaching I've been looking for a way to frustrate vampires (I live adjacent to a cemetery). In the novel's early stages Dracula is frustrated in his attempt to read Jonathan's letters to Mina because they are in shorthand. Since the novel was written in 1897 and Gregg shorthand appeared earlier in 1888, I decided to Go With Gregg since this would have likely been the one that stymied the Count. (It was either that or the garlic and stake approach.) So any vampire who comes trick or treating at my door gets tunked with my Gregg Simplified manual.

More seriously, I am learning Gregg Simplified (at the end of a 45 year career as a secretary who used dictation machines all along) for the fun of it. And who knows? I read that shorthand is still used in India. I could start a second career - if I survive Hallowe'en.

Michael Austin