Psalm 91

Many people have found this Psalm to bring comfort, strength, and other types of help. This isn't my best work--but it's the best I could do tonight. I haven't practiced enough lately, and I'm actually too exhausted to be writing good shorthand, but since I did it, I thought I'd share it. Perhaps someone here will benefit. It's basically from the King James Version, but I changed 'thou,'  'thee,' 'thy,' and 'thine' to 'you' and 'your;' 'shall' is always 'shall,' never 'shalt.' Sometimes I change 'that' to 'who.' etc. King James punctuation is a different convention than 20th and 21st century. Sometimes I use punctuation from the New King James, but this time, I think I just mostly used old KJV punctuation.

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