31 March 2013

Simplified - eBay auction: Today's Secretary

If you would like more Simplified reading material, there’s currently an eBay auction for a lot of 25 Today's Secretary magazines from ...

29 March 2013

Do These Gregg PDF Novels Work on iPad and Other Tablets

http://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22Printed+in+Gregg+Shorthand%22 Public Domain Gregg Novels and Manuals on the Internet Arch...

28 March 2013

WWII diary written in shorthand - eBay auction

There's an eBay auction right now for a WWII diary written in shorthand : 5 years' worth of daily entries. It looks like Gregg shor...

26 March 2013

Multiply has finally closed

Multiply has finally closed Starting today, Multiply is now officially gone. If you go to www.multiply.com , you will get this greeting: I'm glad that we made ...

23 March 2013

Penmanship practice

Penmanship practice In the spirit of "wow, I shouldn't feel so bad about my  shorthand." Lesson 6 of Gregg Shorthand Simplified for Colleges,...



16 March 2013

Pre-Anniversary help, please??

I've been going over one line of text in the 1919 version of the manual, and though I should  know what it says by now, I'm stumped....

15 March 2013

Chapter 70 of DJS Textbook!

The final chapter. I'm kinda proud of myself. :)

14 March 2013

Reporter position in Chile

Since five years ago, I haven't seen this kind of position offer: http://www.senado.cl/concurso-publico-escalafon-de-la-redaccion-de-s...

12 March 2013

Buh wha?

Buh wha? Anyone want to take a kick at these two outlines? The sentence is from the 1st ed. Simplified Functional Manual, assignment 63, bottom of pa...

11 March 2013

Curious note-taking technique

I've found this video in Youtube is about a consecutive translator taking notes from the source language for translating to the target ...

10 March 2013

Salesman / Salesmen

Quick question: In section 165 in the (FIRST Edition) Simplified FM manual I don't understand why they write "salesmen" usin...

08 March 2013

Tips For Starting Lesson 21 Simplified

Hello Everyone, I am getting close to starting Assignment 21 in the Simplified Functional Method book. Assignment 21 is where you begin th...

01 March 2013

The Shorthand Student - March 1948

The following is a compilation of articles that appeared under the title "The Shorthand Student" on the March 1948 issue of Gregg ...

Derivatives drills

The following drills appeared in the May 1936 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: derivatives-drills.pdf

A negligence case

The following plates written by Martin Dupraw were serialized in the February to June 1936 issues of The Gregg Writer. Can you decipher his ...

Where is thy sting?

This story by Charles L. Swem written in Anniversary was serialized in the March to May 1936 issues of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: wher...

As it used to be

The following selection written in Anniversary appeared in the March 1936 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: as-it-used-to-be.pdf

Penmanship Practice - March 2013

Penmanship Practice - March 2013 From the March 1948 issue of Gregg Magazine. Click here for a full view.