30 July 2013

Handwriting Article From CNN

I read this article on CNN.com today about handwriting and found it interesting. I'm posting a link in case anybody would like to read i...

29 July 2013

Gregg Signed Dictionary?

Gregg Signed Dictionary? I came across this signed copy of this Gregg Shorthand Dictionary on eBay by John Robert Gregg himself, or so its alleged. I thought I woul...

27 July 2013

"Gregg Dictation and Transcription" Edition Inquiry

I came across this book titled "Gregg Dictation and Transcription by Renshaw and Leslie". Link here to access an online copy (not...

08 July 2013

Let Us Know

Hi Everyone, I noticed today while reading Plate 236 in my Simplified manual the phrase "let us know". I know that the brief for...

01 July 2013

Are you sure?

How is your knowledge of proper English grammar? Test yourself with this small quiz. Attachment: are-you-sure.pdf

Proper Names and Common Christian Names

The following is a list of proper names written in Anniversary. Attachment: proper-names-common-christian-names.pdf

The World Before Us

This article appeared in the June 1943 issue of The Gregg Writer and was written in Anniversary. Attachment: the-world-before-us.pdf

How to Abuse a Fountain Pen

The following amusing selection by Louis Leslie was written in Anniversary and appeared in the June 1943  issue of The Gregg Writer. Attac...

The Ideal Boss

The following selection by Marguerite Basterash and written in Simplified appeared in the May 1955 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachm...

Penmanship Practice - July 2013

Penmanship Practice - July 2013 From the June 1943 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click here for a full view.