29 August 2013

Who wrote the plates for.....

Anniversary - Functional Method - Parts One and Two?   I received both in the mail today and I don't see it indicated.  On most of the...

28 August 2013

A Course of Study for Anniversary

As I said in my earlier post, I spent yesterday reading all of the posts --- back to 2004 --- in the Learners Aids/Learners Corner section o...

A gold mine of information

Yesterday, I went to the menu choice Learners Aids, then Learners Corner and read back through all of the posts.... back to spring of 2004. ...

26 August 2013

small milestone

So I now find that I have been writing PreAnni for two days.  Two days _in toto_ that is, as I keep a running sum of the time of each learni...

25 August 2013

Now Is

Would it be proper phrasing in the Simplified system to phrase "now is" or is it more proper to write them as separate words?

Starting Simplified - Functional Method today

Today is the day !!! I am starting Simplified - Functional Method today. I now own: Simplified Functional - 2nd edition Simplified Fu...

19 August 2013

Reversed circle

I am having trouble getting my head round when to "reverse a circle to express r" in Anniversary. Would it be possible for somebod...

18 August 2013

PreAnni: detached t for ted, ded, ed

I'm curious about an item in the 1916 manual: "At the end of many words, ted , ded, and sometimes ed,  may be expressed by t be...

Which Simplified books have answer keys? How would one learn without them?

I have received 4 of my Simplified books: Simplified (1955) currently sold by McGraw Hill Simplifed College Vol 1 - 2nd edition Simplifi...

12 August 2013

Gregg Simplified, Gregg Simplified Functional Method and Gregg Simplified for Colleges - which to start with?

Hi.  My name is Susan.  I am retired and currently living in central North Carolina, but spent most of my life in New England.   I have alwa...

11 August 2013

Shorthand Transcription Studies

Shorthand Transcription Studies I haven't heard mention of this book here before, although I've encountered it for sale a few times. I wonder if anyone has seen it ...

09 August 2013

Ruled vs. Unruled

Maybe this has been asked before. I don't recall. I was wondering what everybody's take is with regards to writing their shorthand...

07 August 2013

How to write good...

Hi People!!! Take a look to this text written in Anniversary: http://ocastro.webs.com/taqui/HTWG.jpg Regards, OSVALDO

04 August 2013

Another Shorthand Article (Secret Code)

Another Shorthand Article (Secret Code) I apologize I cannot remember the URL I copied this article from. I thought it was an interesting read. I am not saying that I’ve a...

01 August 2013

Me, Sandy!

This selection written in Anniversary appeared in the September 1939 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: me-sandy.pdf

This Plastic Stone Remakes America

The following selection written in Anniversary appeared in the May 1939 issue of The Gregg Writer. Attachment: this-plastic-stone-remakes...

The CPS and the Mail Boy

This selection written in Simplified appeared in the June 1955 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachment: the-cps-and-the-mail-boy.pdf

Racoon Rollick

This selection written in Simplified appeared in the June 1955 issue of Today's Secretary. Attachment: raccoon-rollick.pdf

Penmanship Practice - August 2013

Penmanship Practice - August 2013 From the March 1939 issue of The Gregg Writer. Click here for a full view.