Shorthand books available - for free

I have received an email from a shorthand writer who is donating her collection of Gregg shorthand books and Gregg Writer magazines to an organization or any person(s) who would enjoy the items. Below is a list of what is left from her collection. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll provide further information on how to contact her.

Shorthand Books
1. Gregg Dictation and Introductory Transcription Series 90, Louis A. Leslie et al., 1978
2. Gregg Dictation Simplified, Louis A. Leslie and Charles E. Zoubek, 1949.
3. Gregg Shorthand, A Light-line Phonography for the Million, John Robert Gregg, 1916
4. Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Edition, (Campbell Commercial School), A Light-Line Phonography for the Million, John Robert Gregg, 1929. 
5. Gregg Shorthand Dictionary, Anniversary Edition, John Robert Gregg, 1947
6. Gregg Shorthand Functional Method Part One, Louis A. Leslie, C.S.R., 1936
7. Gregg Shorthand Functional Method, Part Two, Louis A. Leslie, 1945.
8. Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, John Robert Gregg, Louis A. Leslie, Charles E. Zoubek, 1949.
9. Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified- Functional Method, Louis A. Leslie and Charles E. Zoubek, 1949.
10. Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified, 2nd Ed Workbook, Louis A. Leslie and Charles E. Zoubek, 1955.
11. Workbook – Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified (Including Functional Method) Second Edition,   Louis Leslie and Charles Zoubek, 1955.
12. (2) Gregg Shorthand, Anniversary Edition , John Robert Gregg, 1929
13. Gregg Shorthand, Revised Edition, John Robert Gregg, 1908
14. Gregg Speed Practice, John Robert Gregg, 1907
15. Gregg Speed Studies, Anniversary Edition, John Robert Gregg, 1929
16. Gregg Speed Studies, John Robert Gregg, 1919.
17. Shorthand Textbook, Education Manual EM 720, For the use of personnel of Army-Navy-Marine-Corps-Coast Guard, John Robert Gregg, 1943
18. Speed Drills in Gregg Shorthand, Leslie & Zoubek, 1938

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