In Simplified shorthand manual (basic, first edition), chapter 1, lesson 5 - there is something that I cannot interpret properly

This is what I have read:

Dear Ned,
I am sorry I cannot make the analysis of our finances the cashier needs as an basis on which to pay our Federal taxes.
(Something-something) the services of my head clerk John Smith for 15 days as he “has had” a severe heart attack.
I am planning to fill the vacancy caused by Smiths illness but I am afraid it will be May 29th before I can tackle the analysis.

That (something-something) looks like "I have bla bla" but in my copy of the manual there is this dot that I don't know where it belongs. Is it the vowel mark, brief form.... 
Also I am not so sure about "has had".
I am more or less ok with the rest of the text. I would like to have the key if it is available. 

Also I am reading Gregg Notehand manual. I hope that is ok. I need some material to read that is not only business oriented but something more broad.



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