Frick and Vietti, take and make

In Frick and Vietti's /Talk and Take Gregg Shorthand/, on the last page headed "Short Forms for High Speed Writing" there are some abbreviated forms for highly common words.  Make : m-a;  Take:  t-a;  Taken: t-a-n.  I'm wondering a bit about phrasing possibilities for these, and derivatives.  'To make' should be tm-a, possibly confusable with 'to my' in some contexts.  "Take the" is clearly t-a-th, but I find my hand wants to turn it into that-the.  What should the forms for 'takes' and 'makes' be?  It could just be t-a-s, m-a-s, but I wonder if it shouldn't work like 'names' and 'cares', giving an angled joining to the s to show the omitted consonant.