Angles and size of strokes for beginners

Take a look at paragraph 277 of the regular Simplified Manual ('Accuracy Practice')

This paragraph illustrates the correct slant for the downward curved strokes (note that they have been enlarged in this paragraph for clarity).

If you were to join up the dots shown to indicate the slant, from the beginning to the end of ‘b’ or ‘v’, you have written the stroke ‘j’. All three of these strokes ('b', 'v' and 'j') are related in length.

Similarly, with ‘p’ or ‘f’, you have ‘ch’; with the ‘s’ strokes, you have ‘sh’.

So, all the downward strokes, both curved and straight, have the same slant and can be grouped by length.

You should also try this with the upward strokes (and blends) as shown in paragraphs 386 and 427; here you will find that you have written 't', 'd' and 'ted/ded'.

Hope this is helpful.


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