Notehand brief forms

Probably getting way ahead of myself but I wanted to compare the brief forms in Notehand with their equivalents in Simplified and Diamond Jubilee. Using the charts on the Angelfishy site as my source of info for the latter two systems.

Likely to be some errors here so I would appreciate corrections.

m for "am": the same in DJS; in Simplified m can also represent "more"

nd for "and": the same in DJS; in Simplified nd can also represent "end"

n for "in": in Diamond and Simplified n can also stand for "not"

something for "into": not sure how to describe the Notehand glyph, is that the nd blend plus oo-hook?; do Diamond and Simplified have brief forms for "into"?

s for "is": in Diamond and Simplified s can also represent "his"

t for "it": in DJS and Simplified t can also stand for "at"

sh for "shall": in Simplified sh can also represent the syllable "ship"

sh + t for short: the same in DJS; what is the Simplified form for "short"?

s u g for "suggest": the same in Diamond; Simplified uses s u j

e r for "were": the same in DJS; in Simplified e r can also stand for "year"

l for "will": in both Diamond and Simplified l can also represent "well"

"work" is r k in 1960 Notehand, as in Simpified; "work" is u k in 1968 Notehand, as in DJS

The following appear to be the same in all three systems:

a/an, about, be/by, could, difficult, for, have, I, important, of, opportunity, over, probable, question, send, should, the, their/there, this, under, was, what, when, where, which, with, would, yesterday, you.

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