Notehand: Covers, reprints and DJS - oh my!

Due to it being my first learning book and now having a place in my heart (does that enter me into the club of Gregg geekdom?), I'm looking for an affordable Notehand book that isn't in too poor of condition. Specifically, I'm interested in the first edition from 1960, which has those cute little 50s graphics for each story.

I've noticed that the Notehand books for sale seem to have, for the most part, been "heavily loved" by their owners. Those Notehanders must have used their books more than the stenographers. :) In contrast I got a 1956 Anni in pristine condition for cheap, without much effort searching.

None of the books I've seen for sale have the same cover as the library book I used. It had a green and blue cover (link to "rare" cover at; it's a dust jacket with a plain blue-green hardcover underneath. The books for sale have a very plain gray cover with a logo of two pencils, blue and pink I think. Does anyone know why the different covers exist? I wondered if the blue and green version was specific to schools or libraries, for example.

Also, does anyone know anything about the reprinted version? Here is a direct link at amazon.

The publisher is Literary Licensing, LLC and the pub date is September 15, 2012. I'm curious how this got a reprint from a third party. (I also wonder whether it's the first or second edition.)

Lastly, does Notehand precede or proceed DJS? Someone said that Notehand is an outgrowth of DJS, but I believe the first DJS books were printed in 1963, compared to Notehand's 1960. 

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