Outline for "happiness"

Here is the outline for happiness in Simplified, with a pic from the FM manual:

This bugs me, because to my eye, it seems different from most outlines. The way "-ness" is tacked on doesn't feel right, sticking out at an angle the way it does. I would have expected a reverse curve on the first e loop to keep things "clean." This is subjective, but this outline stuck out like a sore thumb when I first saw it tonight.

Am I alone here?

While I like Gregg Shorthand, there seem to be a fair number of inconsistencies and rule-breaking, which makes it challenging for the new student. (At least, this new student!) I've seen other questions here about such things so I know I'm not completely alone in that sentiment. It's disappointing to realize that the logic and consistency is, well, inconsistent for many outlines.

Then again, maybe in the original system it was not intended to matter so much. If most words were abbreviated and only the ability to produce an accurate transcription mattered, then maybe the finer details and breaking of rules was irrelevant. I suppose there weren't so many formal school classrooms and theory debates back then.

What do others think?

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