Simplified lesson 20 - Credit Bureau


I was stuck in lesson 20 in the Simplified Manual. In the 2nd edition it is p88 #179 about a United Credit Bureau. I was going to ask for help with an outline I couldn't decipher, last night or today.

I read the sentence (second in para) as: Before the credit manager of a store passes on any credit application he usually gets in ??? with the local branch of the United Credit Bureau.

The stroke looked like t-chay, and I kept thinking, "to which" or "at which." While writing the lesson -- twice -- I still didn't get it. While typing this post, I got it: "touch."

Funny how that works! :) I guess this is from the rule of omitting 'u' before a straight downstroke?

At any rate it is a useful learning experience for me, and I decided to share it with the group.

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