Simplified Questions

Sorry, lots of questions:

1. Simplified Manual (First Edition)
I have acquired the 1950 UK Edition.
From what I have already read on the Blog, the UK editions are shorter than the US ones, and the reading material is different.
The Manual omits all the ‘chatty’ sections (e.g. ‘What’s Ahead’) and the lessons are briefer. 
The dot and dash system for distiguishing vowel sounds is also included at the point where the vowels are introduced in the Manual, and the dashes for ‘z’ and voiced ‘th’ are also present; none of these is used in the Reading and Writing sections, however. Are these the same differences as between the First and Second US editions?

2. Gregg Speed Practice, Simplified (Second Edition)
I also have the UK edition of this book (1961/1966). I notice that the dot and dash system is made available to the learner in the latter part of the book.
Is this also in the Second US edition, or was it just a peculiarity of the UK version?

3. Is there something in Simplified that equates to the DJS Dictionary (Second Edition, US) Part Three, ‘Frequently Used Gregg Shorthand Phrases’; I know this material is in the ‘Most-Used’ book, but I like the fact they are in alphabetical order in the DJS dictionary.

4. Which book follows on from the basic Simplified Manual (US or UK)? Is that the Speed Practice book? I have seen posts on this question before but can’t find them.

By the way, I like William Blackwell’s shorthand writing in the UK editions, but still prefer Charles Rader’s as I suppose that’s what I’ve got used to. Also, it is nice (for me) to see British place names, terms and phrases etc. in Gregg Shorthand; even little things like ‘write to me’ as opposed to ‘write me’ make me feel somehow more included.  The pounds, shillings and pence is strange though!



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